Chicken glazing sauce with BBQ flavor 1000 g.


Brand : Purefoods


Chicken glazing sauce  with BBQ flavor  Purefoods 1000 g. It is a sauce for chicken of any fried meat such a squid etc.
It’s a sweet, mellow flavor and smells of smoke.
Making you Korean chicken dishes Easy!!!!

Just mixed the chicken with the Chicken glazing sauce  with BBQ flavor  Purefoods

Then you will get a Korean chicken menu that is fragrant, dark, full of flavor.

The secret of deliciousness!!!

1. Mix the chicken with crispy flour , then let it rest for 5 minutes.

2. Mix together with the crispy flour again.

3. Fry until cooked and crispy .

4. Bring the finished fried chicken to mix with the Chicken glazing sauce  with BBQ flavor  Purefoods

-Usage amount: 1 bag of Chicken glazing sauce  with BBQ flavor per 6 kg of chicken meat.

Can be stored at room temperature ,If it is not activated yet.

Once opened, it should be refrigerated for 6 months according to the date  indicated on the back of the envelope

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