Salad                   Dressing





                           Shabu Sukiyaki                            Sauce

              Cheese Dip for 

                French Fries

            Pizza Sauce

              Pasta Sauce

      Korean Chicken

Fried sauce 

             Glazing sauce

                   Sweet and

                 Dessert Sauce  

                  Frozen food



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Cheesy Dip (Cheese flavored mayonnaise) PureFoods Brand 900 gram/pack

     Quick ,Simple and Satisfying. Great for French fries, chips, fried chicken and fried food. Smooth and tasty with Asain Cheese flavored. Our Cheese flavor and taste help to create perfect Cheesy Dip to pour over your french fries and to dip with chips. Suitable for Asain style with right price for enterpreneurs. Storage type : ambient Shelf life : 6 months


Mayonnaise PureFoods Brand 850grams / pack 

     PureFoods's mayonnaise is the ideal condiment for sandwiches filling, salad , hamburgers, crape, sushi and french fries (fried foods), bringing you a perfect taste to everyday meals. Our mayonnaise is made with pasterized eggs and selected ingredients. The price is competitive which is suitable for enterpreneurs. Starting from roughly 1 dollar only!

Salad Cream PureFoods Brand 1000g/pack

     This is our signature salad cream. Delicious zingy! Perfect with your vegetable salad dish, salad rolls, sandwiches and fried foods. Storage type: Ambient , Shelf life 6 months. With this pack size, suitable for enterpreneurs. 

Chicken Glazing Sauce (Korean Chilli Flavored) 1000 grams/pack 

         Experince our korean style chicken glazing sauce, making your meal more special. Our recipe are created with authentic korean ingredients you might know and love! (Made with real Gochujung) So It's guaranteed to get the thumb up from your whole family. Cooking Guideline: 1. Fried chicken (with batter) until golden 2. Glaze our sauce on your fried chicken. Let's make korean chicken fried. (Its authentic korean street food.) 

Concentrated Shabu-Sukiyaki sauce (Japanese style) 900 grams/pack 

      This concentrated Shabu-Sukiyaki sauce is for Japanese style hot pot (Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu) which is now becoming more popular here in Thailand. A sweet and salty japanese style soy sauce based broth will make a full of bold flavors straight from your pot. Cooking Guideline: To prepare the broth, pour 100 grams of concentrated sauce and 1000 grams of water together then heat it up. (Ratio 1:10) And put sliced beef, pork , meat and vegetables in. Enjoy your meal and happy time! 

Marinade Sauce (Korean Chilli Flavored) 850grams / pack 

     Only 20 minutes cooking time for marinating your meat. Don't have to wait too long to make your meat soft and juicy!! Enjoy our flavor party with korean chilli and spices. Sweet and a little spicy. Perfect for BBQ meal. Cooking Guideline : Mix marinade sauce and meat and leave them for 20 mins. Then cook or grill your meat and ready to serve. 

Japanese style soy sauce and roasted Dressing 850grams/pack 

     Japanese Soy sauce dressing that made with flavors that comes from Japanese traditional ingredients such as sesame and soy sauce. Sweet sour with japanese style soy sauce flavor and roasted sesame taste. Give it a try. Perfect with cabbage sliced and salad dish. 

Cooking Recipe


There are varieties choices of food on this planet including proper meals and finger snacks. In order to add flavors into each menu, condiment is a must. In some menu, adding topping or sauces are also crucial including mayonnaise, ketchup, chili sauce in which cheese powder are best known today. However, Cheese Dip is also a very trendy topping which eventually make a flawless menu.

In a competitive business world, bringing any product or product to market needs to be fast. One of the business quotes says "Professionals talk logistics", which means being a true business professional. Attention should be focused on the transportation system or operating system. The first step before logistics is the production process, known as the supply chain. (Supply chain) It is the relationship between the Company and its partners in the production and delivery of goods. That shows the stage of acquiring goods from the supply of raw materials. Therefore, manufacturing companies in newly industrialized countries, most often involved in globally innovative networks, are also involved. Those manufacturers don't just produce and distribute them.It's not only physical, but it also serves to design, research and experiment. In addition, the production process must be presented in order to get new products to market.

Mayonnaise Mayonnaise has become more popular during these days due to their various benefits of it. For example, most of the morning sandwich contains mayonnaise in order to make our sandwich tastier. Most people might think that mayonnaise is made up of milk and butter because of its white and creamy texture but that is absolutely not true. Read our blogs, we will describe a lot about the mayonnaise.

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