.Mayonnaise select lite 850 g. by Cheeze-To brand. (Whole sale)


Mayonnaise select lite 850 g.by Cheeze-To brand. Packing detail ; 10 bag per carton. Min.order 3 carton.(If you order less than 3 cartons, the system will be cancel.) **Free Delivery*


Mayonnaise select lite 850 g. ( Cheeze-To brand)                                            It is sweet, creamy and a little sour taste, Thai people realy like it. When you apply this mayonnaise and bake it. It still remains beautifully shiny without cracking.
They can be used to make a variety of menus such as baked bread, crepes, Tokyo desserts, takoyaki, sandwiches, burgers, or even dipping various fried foods.
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