Rainbow Cheesy Dip Brand Cheeseto 1 Pack (160g x 7pcs)


Brand : Cheeseto


Cheesy Dip for French Fries and Fried Cheese Flavors (Cheeseto)

 7 colors in 1 pack.

The rainbow cheese dip is perfect for your french fries and fries Foods.

Make you menu looks more wonderful.

1. French fries topped with rainbow cheese dip, just fry the fries to crispy.
Then pour over the rainbow cheesy dip.

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2.Nachos Cheese with Rainbow Cheesy Dip

Fry the Nachos crisps and set aside to cool for a longer crispness, then add the rainbow cheesy dip and have fun with friends.


Just put the rainbow cheesy dip into a squeeze bottle , then squeeze it on top of the French Fries.
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