Real Mayonnaise Purefoods 150g.


Brand : Purefoods


How to use real mayonnaise, rich mayonnaise flavor, full of oily flavor, creamy flavor. Full of mayonnaise. 

Real Mayonnaise What can I do?

1. Make Hamburger

    How to add aroma to it.....squeeze real mayonnaise pure foods onto a burger bun that's continued with the meat and vegetables you like. Add the cheese sheet to your liking, then squeeze the real. The mayonnaise per layer consists of another layer of burger buns on top, finished, ready to eat......

2. Used for dipping Dip with French Fries and fries, however, just you have a delicious cup and squeeze the real. The mayonnaise into the cup adds deliciousness and brings the french fries and fries you have prepared to Dip. But forgetting this taste isn't easy.

 3. Used for making coleslaw salad, only you have diced carrots. Green peas, diced sweet potatoes and real mayonnaise pure foods are enough to add deliciousness to your meal. Mix the ingredients well and try them, ^^.

 4. Real Mayonnaise is also available for sushi topping. Add ordinary succinct to instantly find sushi.

 Try it at Pure Foods and you'll find only modern delicacies.......

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