Spaghetti Sauce Pure Foods 1,000 g.


Brand : Purefoods


    Spaghetti Sauce Pure Foods  1,000 g.

    Pure Foods Instant Spaghetti Sauce, size 1,000 g.

The Spaghetti sauce is outstanding with a rich, mellow flavor. It can be used to make pasta, macaroni and spaghetti tomato sauce menus.

Easy to eat!!!

Kids will love , Adults will like it!!!

The secret of deliciousness

 1. Blanch the noodles until cooked.

 2. Stir-fry sauce with meat and vegetables as you like. 

 3. Stir-fry until the meat is cooked. Then pour the sauce over the boiled noodles.

 4. Prepare a plate and serve.

- Products are ready for shipping.

- A ready-to-eat sauce

- Can be stored at room temperature at for 6 months shelf life.

Store in the refrigerator if after opening.

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